Cleaning and maintaining your tennis court

The importance of using the right tool for the job…

The image above shows the difference between pressure washing and using a Whirl-A-Way cleaner, as we do. The Whirl-A-Way has been used here on top of a previously pressure cleaned court. As the picture shows, the process cleans far deeper and more effectively than a pressure wash  - forcing out the tell-tale black edge of dirt from the surface of the court.

Hard tennis court maintenance

It is especially important, before winter frosts, that dirt and moss in the surface matrix is cleaned out, to ensure free drainage. If not, when it freezes, ice expands and breaks out chippings, therefore spoiling your tennis court, such that a full resurface is then required.


A deep clean by our own trusted, trained technicians, including subsequent treatment with moss killer to inhibit re-growth of moss and algae, will ensure your tennis court drains, restoring the grip, performing at its best as well as lasting many years longer.


We recommend repainting every five to seven years and resurfacing every ten to 15 years.


For further information, please call 01832 272993 and speak to The Maintenance Team.


Synthetic turf maintenance

Having your tennis court cleaned and maintained by experienced, skilled and trustworthy technicians with professional purpose-built equipment will remove dirty sand, and de-compact the surface. When the correct grade of clean sand is replaced and evenly distributed, the results is a clean, safe fast- draining court that you can enjoy as you did when it was new.



Lighting maintenance

Floodlights (apart from LED lights) lose approximately 10% of their power every year. We can re-lamp and clean your lens.


Amlight aluminium lighting columns should be replaced after 20 years and we offer a service to do this, rewire and fit new lamps at the top. The bases and underground wiring are generally fine and so it is possible to renew and upgrade for far less than the cost of  a complete new system.

EnTC Tennis Court Maintenance is endorsed by En-Tout-Cas, Anglia & Midland Sports, Elliott Construction and Cotswold Tennis Courts.

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