Six great surfaces for tennis and multi use games areas


En-Tout-Cas provide different tennis court playing surfaces and multi-use games areas for home or tennis club use. They offer a range of features and benefits in terms of court life, maintenance and suitability for the games you want to play and the ability and age of the players.

For home use, we recommend either Savanna which is soft, durable and the most advanced synthetic grass tennis court surface available, or Pladek, an excellent all-around tennis surface for those who prefer a hard court. These two surfaces offer home users a great combination of lower maintenance and value for money.

Our other surfaces are more suited to use by tennis clubs of those who have more specialist requirements. 

Details of tennis court surfaces from en Tout Cas
Mixed doubles on an En Tout Cas tennis court

‘Savanna is a very popular top-class, versatile modern sports surface.  Designed by En-Tout-Cas, it is available nowhere else.’

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Our range consists of six tennis court surfaces: Pladek, Tenniturf, Sporturf, Savanna, Omniclay and Matchplay. Each has its own playing characteristics and maintenance requirements. But whichever tennis court surface suits you best, the skills and experience of our craftsmen mean that premium quality is assured. We're happy to explain the benefits and suitability of each surface, to give you the best possible sports surface for your needs.



Pladek is an acrylic painted porous hard tennis court surface that plays at a medium pace. It is a well-established and popular choice that offers value for money for home courts, clubs, parks and schools. The Pladek colour coating is specially formulated to provide improved grip by its use of silica-based additives that are incorporated into the colour coating at the time of manufacture. The Pladek finish reduces the surface friction of the court in a controlled manner, whilst retaining a sound grip for playing in the wet. However, it may be slippery when just damp. We offer a range of Pladek colour options for the finished surface.   MORE



Tenniturf is a traditional medium to fast sand-filled synthetic grass tennis court that is best suited to the serve and volley tennis player. The pace of the tennis court can be adjusted by varying the amount of sand applied as an infill, and the length of the tufts. We bring all our high-quality consultancy, design and construction skills to Tenniturf tennis courts.   MORE



Sporturf is a sand-dressed, multi-purpose surface that's suited to tennis, netball and cricket. Even-paced, it's also good for basketball, hockey and five-a-side football. Play takes place on the fibre of the product, so it is ideal for tennis court and multi-purpose area upgrades.   MORE



Savanna is a modern top-class sports surface that has been designed by En-Tout-Cas and is available nowhere else.

The surface is incredibly soft to play on and responds well to the style of play in progress. This means that for hard-serving players, it provides a fast, true surface while for players looking for a gentler experience it performs equally well.  We have developed the Savanna court into what is probably the most advanced synthetic tennis surface on the market. Savanna is a soft and durable tennis surface. Its specialist fibre construction gives increased cushioning underfoot and consistent ball bounce.   MORE



Omniclay is a British-manufactured synthetic clay tennis court surface that looks and plays like traditional clay. Just like clay, it offers a slow to medium surface speed with a ball bounce similar to a traditional clay court. With Omniclay you get everything you would expect from a clay court - except of course the long-term maintenance effort of real clay. However, it does need brushing down between sets. It is best suited to clubs and professionals.  But if you prefer clay to grass and enjoy the kind of bounce, spin and slide you get from clay, you should check out one of our Omniclay tennis courts.   MORE



Matchplay tennis courts are the professional players' choice. They provide the kind of true ball bounce that is best suited to higher levels of playing skill. The excellent ball pace, slip and sliding properties provide a perfect surface on which to play, combined with superior wear resistance. Their excellent UV weather-resistant properties make a  court best suited for indoor use. This high performance, seamless surface is non-porous, and therefore hygienic and easy to clean.   MORE

Anatomy of a Pladek court